Agile Transformation – What is it about?

“We need Agile urgently!” I heard our director saying this in a meeting after coming from an international trip where someone mentioned it to him during a sales meeting. “Our teams are getting out of our control and I think Agile is the way to fix it!” I was staring at him and thinking about all the stupid shit I have done in my life and taking up this job was the biggest of all (trust me, it was). “I thought you were a qualified PM and you never even mentioned it once that we can use it to fix the problem. Did you even know what Agile is? I was told that it doesn’t have a PM, so you are scared of losing your job, am I right?” This was directed towards me and I couldn’t say anything. Just lots and lots of internal screaming!
Have you ever been to a situation like this where your efforts for cultural change were shot down every time and then you hear someone selling Agile to your C-level management? If yes, my sympathies!
This story is not a new one, you will find Project Managers talking …

#WomenInTechPK – March’18 Meetup Roundup!

Lack of inclusion and diversity has become a sore spot for tech industry worldwide and Pakistan is no different. Every year, we see plenty of women graduating with engineering and technology degrees but only a small number of them decide to join the workforce and even a smaller number reaches for middle and senior level positions. This creates an imbalance in the workforce and a negative impact on the economy. The research points to the actual issues that force women to leave the workforce, be it lack of family support or workplace sexism and harassment, women don’t find enough allies on either side and tend to leave their careers.
Our community #WomenInTechPK does frequent meetups to understand the causes and issues local women face when it comes to education and career opportunities and starts a conversation which encourages women to come out of their shell and talk about issues that hurt and haunt them. Since its inception, the community has been a place of meaningful discourse and …

5 Outstanding WordPress Plugins Developed in South Asia!

WordPress is one of the most popular and user-friendly Content Management Systems which has taken the web design and development industry by storm. We know from data that 29.6% of all websites are developed using WordPress and the number reaches over 60% when we talk about CMS based websites. It is free, easy to setup and has countless themes and plugins available that has made the whole process doable for people even without basic programming skills. From setting up blogs, to company websites and to ecommerce stores, WordPress has given power to its users and has made them hooked because of its active community and accessible support.
If you are new to WordPress, see these guides for WordPress installation and Plugin installation.

We see a similar trend of using WordPress Framework in South Asian Countries and due to the high demand of various features, plugin development has become a high growth career option. WP Users prefer to attain various capabilities for their website by buying …

#EnchanteSilver - E-Store Launch!

If you have been following me on social media for a while, you must have noticed by now that I prefer to support and buy from small businesses, especially the ones led by women. These small businesses are the backbone of any economy and to support them is to play your part in building a booming economy and entrepreneurial ecosystem. Pakistan is now known as one of the most promising emerging economies in the world with a thriving ecosystem and an abundance of talent. In this era of opportunities, we are also seeing a surge in women owned businesses, especially in major cities, like Karachi and Lahore.

Enchante is one of those businesses that have grown with a steady pace over the past four years and has built an excellent reputation along the way. The CEO of the company, Sukaina Abbas, is a talented jewelry designer with a sharp business acumen, she started this company with a vision of making authentic and handcrafted silver jewelry for today’s modern woman but now does some custom pi…

Xiaomi’s Redmi 5 Priced at PKR 16,999 Exclusively Launches on!

Prebooking starts on 20th February 6.00 PM at a special price of PKR 14,999
Pakistan, 20th February 2017 — Global technology leader Xiaomi is bringing its full screen display innovations to the low range smartphone category with the release of Redmi 5 exclusively on
With beautifully designed 18:9 HD+ screens with rounded display corners, this model is powered by Snapdragon 450, Octa-core processors. Sporting large pixel (1.25μm) sensors for the main camera, front Selfie-light, as well as long-lasting batteries. Pre-booking for this beauty begins on Tuesday, 20th February at a special price of PKR 14,999 
18:9 display with rounded corners.
With a 5.7-inch 18:9 HD+ display that takes up almost the entire front surface, Redmi 5 provides a much larger viewing area compared with traditional 16:9 screen displays. This gives a better user experience whether users are reading news, editing spreadsheets, or playing games on a smartphone.
In addit…

Book your Hotels in Pakistan Up to Half-Price!

If you’ve been looking for a reason or occasion to go out and explore Pakistan then wait no more, has the perfect answer for you! is offering NEVER seen or heard before discounts on hotels across the country. From the far northern side in Murree to the Eastern ends of Karachi, has a huge network with thousands of hotels in their inventory with the cheapest rates.
What are we offering?
We have launched multiple hotel deals and packages on our hotel range. You can now book hotels and avail up to 45% discount, get a fixed price discount of up to PKR 2,000 off, and enjoy 1 FREE night and a free meal with your stay. The offers vary with the choice of your hotel and the timing ofyour booking.
How Can IAvail the Discounts?
The best way to avail this sale is by planning a trip across Pakistan with Plan your stay at our discounted hotels and book train or flight tickets that match with your reservation dates. The complete package deal wi…

#Sastaticketpk Launches Online Train Booking Services!

Train Bookings Are Now Just a Click Away
Usually when you think about booking a train ticket the first image that comes into your mind is the long winded queue, the hustle to get to the ticketing counter, the slow booking procedure and worst of all, the frustrating news of non-availability of seats when you finally make your way to the ticketing clerk.
These hassles are now a thing of the past with the launch of online train booking services by With a clear user friendly interface, timing, fare and station information, price comparisons, multiple payment options and instant bookings, now makes train bookings much more convenient & flexible for Pakistanis. Customers can now easily search, compare and book train tickets for destinations across Pakistan in just a few clicks. With these developments, it is safe to say that planning a railway trip will never be the same again.
Talking about this brand new addition to Pakistan’s biggest online travel portal, …

#WomenInTechPK – Blockchain Meetup Roundup!

Blockchain is one of most buzzing terms you can hear in the tech industry these days and people are showing interest in getting to know the underlying technology and its applications. We have been seeing a lot of questions about it in our community so we decided to do a session on 20th January, 2018 and invited Anam Hijab as a speaker, she works with Nordic Blockchain Association and came all the way from Denmark.

The talk was about the fundamentals of blackchain and its applications and Anam kept her focus on three main applications, Cryptocurrency, Digital Identity and Smart Contracts. She spoke about the ways in which cryptocurrency can help empower women by making them a part of the international trade. It can help give access to the women who are in areas where banking hasn’t reached or the process is really complicated, it is also way faster than the conventional banking procedures and is exceptionally secure. If you want to know more about cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin, h…

5 Must-have Plugins for Creating an Effective Sales Funnel!

Solopreneurs are self-directed and highly motivated individuals who are quick and precise with getting things done. For running a sustainable business, solopreneurs need to create an effective sales funnel to make sure that they keep getting good leads and are able to convert them into paying clients.
The first step of creating a sales funnel is to have an online presence. It doesn’t matter what you do (baking, designing, writing, consulting, teaching, etc.), your prospects should be able to find you online and connect with you. Social media is an excellent way to do that but having a well thought out website is a better way of introducing yourself and your work to your potential customers.
Creating a responsive and dynamic website isn’t rocket science. You can do that using WordPress, which is one of the most popular and effective open-source CMS framework. You can buy or use an appropriate free theme and most of the work requires almost no programming skills. But having a website is …

PakEcomConnect December, 2017 – Event Report

Pakistan eCommerce Consortiumis a Facebook community of a little over 350 members who work in the local eCommerce industry. It functions as a close knitted support group where members ask questions, share knowledge and opportunities and talk about the issues faced by the eCommerce players in Pakistan.

The group is run by Anum Kamran (Founder & CEO – andKamran Shamim (CEO – Apex Solutions)and a couple of weeks ago, they announced the first ever meetupfor their members which was hosted by Anum Kamran (Founder & CEO –

The meetup happened at Center for Entrepreneurial Development (Aman-CED) inside IBA’s main campus on Saturday, 16th December, 2017 and was attended by some really prominent names in the local eCommerce industry along with a special guest who flew in from Chine to attend the meetup.

The two hour long discussion touched almost all sore spots of the industry, including lack of e-payment solutions, taxation, logistics, and fraudulent practices followe…

#BizGalz Twitter Chat - Establishing Communities to Help Women Grow

Mondays are always tough because most of us are recovering from the weekend and for me, it gets extra tough because my Sundays are on (Yikes! I know right) but this Monday was super special because of the twitter chat with #BizGalz.
#BizGalz is a community initiative that started with a weekly twitter chat and has now turned into a thriving community of people who support the work done by women in all fields. The community does a weekly chat every Monday with a special guest and start a conversation about their area of work/expertise. The chat is co-hosted by two incredible creative ladies, Alissa M. Trumbull and Jade Phillips, both work in the digital space and are mighty good at what they do.

Back in October, I was asked by them to be the guest on one of their Monday chat sessions, we picked up a topic and scheduled the chat for 27th November, 1pm Eastern Daylight Time and 11pm Pakistan time.  A lot of people contributed to the chat from all over the world and they answered the quest…